Ashby Plot


In a previous blog post, I discussed the various biomolecules and their strengths. Here is a plot comparing the strengths of biomolecules to that of engineered materials.

Through completing this assignment and the accompanying lessons, I have learned a good deal about biological molecules and their intrinsic strengths compared to natural materials. By overlaying graphs of biomolecules onto the supplied graph of engineered materials, we are able to analyze the range of natural materials per the criteria provided compared to that of man-made materials. Certain areas of the graph are covered purely by natural materials, and one point that pops out right away is the area covering natural fibers such as spider-silk. I also noticed that the area covering soft composites covers a much greater portion of the graph than any manufactured materials. Natural materials tend to cover most areas occupied by enginered materials.In comparing natural manufacturing to human manufacturing, it seems to me that natural materials for the most part seem to have a slight overall advantage in both tensile strength and their score on Young’s Modulus.


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